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New To Empire Earth - How To Increase Population Limit? Points:70
VictorN (Big M)    Rank:

   Hi I am new to EE. My question is how do I increase my population to the maximum? At The Play Random Map Screen, I have set my Population Limit to 100. However, when I started the game,my population is maintain and can not exceed 60. What am I suppose to do?

Bookmark: Posted on:2008/08/25 17:33:00
kamal(kamal)    Rank:
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The population does not account for ALL YOUR UNITS in the field - but the TOTAL NUMBER of everyones units, meaning if you set a pop limit 0f 100 - with 2 armies, the maximum either side can build is 50 units (give or take, with upgrades and so on)

Id simply suggest a higher pop limit - try setting it to 300/400 units and you should be able to get 200 units a side in a 2 player battle.

Bookmark: Posted on:2007/08/14 17:35:00

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